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Putting a smile back to learning

Testimonials from Participants

My basic concept of chemistry are now better and my understanding of it has improved. I have enjoyed my time here learning and recapping my skills.”
Danny Lim | Woodgrove Secondary School

The workshop was engaging and enriching. It cleared up all the concepts I was once unsure of.”
Vania Ng | Nan Hua High School

It helped me to improve my concepts for chemistry and now I am able to answer more questions. Lessons are interesting. It gave me more confidence to answer more questions.
Lim Li Qun | Mayflower Secondary School

This workshops was useful to me and allows me to have a better understanding of mole calculations as well as how to apply the formulas to the questions, thus enabling me to complete the questions rather smoothly and better confidence in mole calculations.”
Louisa Tan | Crescent Girl’s School

Schedule for O-Level Pure Chemistry Headstart Revision Workshops

How will our Headstart Revision Workshops benefit your child ?

The Headstart Revision Workshops will get your child to gain the momentum and confidence to:

  • Revise comprehensively on key essential concepts on a topic – by – topic basis.
  • Gain a better understanding of the topics.
  • Apply concepts on higher order thinking application examination questions.

We know it isn’t easy for students to accomplish all the mentioned by themselves, with distractions from Internet, handphones, TV, friends, going out, no interest in subject, almost totally giving up on the subject…

Here’s what we have to help your child:

Annual Headstart Revision Workshops for GCE O-Level Pure Chemistry and equivalent:

  • Designed into workshops with a focused topic(s) coverage, including key essential concepts, application strategies, relationship linkage, easy-to-remember analogies for understanding abstracts.
  • Our lessons are delivered in an interactive manner: participants are encouraged to take part in questioning and answering in every workshop. This ensures your child learns effectively within the shortest period of time.

How can we be sure that our Headstart Revision Workshops will help your child?

  • Sean is the invited writer for popular academic websites widely read by almost ten thousands of local and international readers every month.
  • His views on Singapore’s education scene and recent trends in national examinations have also been highly sought after by journalists of several main English and Chinese newspapers like The Straits Times, TODAY, Shin Min Daily.
  • Sean is the invited book author for
    • GCE O-Level Ten Years Series (2004-2013, 2017) for Pure Chemistry Yearly Edition and Topical Edition books,
    • Pass with Distinction – Pure Chemistry Thought-provoking application questions book,
    • Pass with Distinction – Science (Chemistry) Thought-provoking application questions book,
    • GCE A-Level H2 Chemistry Past Years Series (2007-2016) Yearly Edition and Topical Edition books.
  • He is a full-time professional trainer who has over 18+ years of teaching experience.
  • He has also worked with thousands and thousands of students (& parents) from more than 172 schools.
  • Proven track record: In 2015, the average O-Level grade for Pure Chemistry is A2!
  • He has been invited by CDAC , SINDA and Mendaki to conduct revision programmes and public talks for O-Levels.